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10-11-2014 | Article published in the Landlord & Tenant Review

Salman Atif of this firm has had an article published in the November 2014 issue of the Landlord and Tenant Review (Sweet & Maxwell). His article discusses whether the controversial doctrine established by the Court of Appeal in Wringe v Cohen [1940] 1 K.B. 299 is still good law and whether it applies to both public and private nuisance cases. For a copy of the article, please contact our firm.

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01-05-2013 | An advance payment of rent is not a deposit

The Housing Act 2004 requires any deposit paid by a tenant to a landlord to be protected under one of three government authorised schemes. This prevents unscrupulous landlords avoiding the requirements of the Housing Act and taking the money away from the tenant by labelling it as “advanced rent” when in reality it is a deposit.

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17-01-2013 | Transactions that can be set aside

When a Company heads towards insolvency or an individual heads towards bankruptcy, they sometimes transfer their assets and property to other Companies or individuals, often well below the market value of the assets. This is usually done to place the assets beyond the reach of their creditors when they become insolvent.

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